Sub-aqueous tittle-tattle

‘Maldives’ is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, islands and resorts in the world. The mesmerizing blue waters of the Laccadive Sea romancing the chalk white sands on the beaches is paradise for the newly-wed couples who want to spend a cozy honeymoon out there! The crystal clear waters and the twinkling night sky is a star gazer’s delight. However, 99% of Maldives remains yet to be explored. 1190 coral islands dot the Maldivian archipelago. And here lives the colorful glitterati of this country.

Why choose the submarine ride among a plethora of activities?

Maldives offers several water sports such as snorkeling and scuba-diving, but only the expert few can navigate to the coral depths hidden in the ocean-bed. The myopic with thick glasses and water-phobics miss on the aquatic life, almost always.

The Whale Submarine ride is perfect for the novice – a feast for the eyes, a visual treat of flora and fauna. A million fish playing hide and seek among a thousand shades of chlorophyll – set deep beneath a layer of electric neon blue.

The ride is a pleasure for all! There is child who now knows that a boat that moves under water is called a s-u-b-m-a-r-i-n-e and considers it an achievement to spell it! The excited old couple holding hands to peep into the world beneath the waves! The curious teenager who holds his breath to see National Geographic Live in a real time screen – where it pricks when you pinch yourself in awe.

Best Time of The Year: December-April.

A budget traveler can eye at the monsoon discounts during June-September

How to Get There?

Contact details of the Government’s submarine ride program (helps if you are staying at a hotel and planning your own itinerary). A ferry ride is available from Male’ to the Whale House.

Tel: 3333939 / 7903939

Speedboat ride to the depths of the ocean

Traveller’s Tip: You could request the resort to include this activity (as a freebie to your package or at a discounted rate). The rates were $120 per head in December 2016. This works best since you are taken to the ‘Whale House’ and a beautiful ride to the reef is complimentary. However, do check on the timing with the resort. The ride is available between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm for 90 minute slots. However, the resorts try to find a slot which suits them best to optimize the ferry ride. This may hinder with the timings of other activities you might have planned for the day – but skipping the other activities can be one of the best things to do in life!

What to Carry?

  1. A good sunscreen lotion with a high SPF
  2. A Go-Pro Underwater Camera to capture the marine life

What to expect?

The floating Whale House is well equipped with a restroom (the submarine is devoid of one), a vending machine with light refreshment and wet tissues.

All set!

The friendly staff assist you to climb down the stairs and find your seat. Ahoy! There begins the descend. As the fathometer reminds you of the plunging depths and the screen ahead turns a deeper blue, at 25 metres below sea level the vessel stops to show you one of the most breathtaking views to behold!

The reefs hide the wonders of creation in the heart of the ocean. Fish – big! small! colorful! transparent! Fish with fins of different shapes and sizes! A scuba diving expert accompanies the vessel and feed the fish while more flock over. The vessel hovers for about 40 minutes, 20 minutes for the person sitting on the left deck and then the passengers exchange sides. If you are lucky you can devour this visual feast for longer (especially when the vessel is half full).



The exhilaration, the fascinating allies of the mermaids and the visual delight will bring back a smile each time you think of the aquamarine beauty.


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