Thai food, a Photographic Teaser

Orange wayfarer has been my inspiration to start blogging! Do visit her blog when free, there is plenty to explore and I assure you that you will not be disappointed! Happy reading!

Madhurima's travel blog

My eyes rolled on the model of an enthralled owlet with the first morsel of sticky rice and mango slice served on AirAsia flight. Oh my good lord, where have I reached? The following days I danced on the flavors of Thai food, to say the least. My undergraduate study was based on food production for hospitality industry, with an obvious career graph of a chef. I say this to give you all a rough idea for my enchanted state.

Further visits to the country was more motivated for the simple wish to gorge on a basket of grilled prawn by river Chao Phraya and less on basking on picturesque beaches. Here goes my endeavor to present the best of food clicks I could manage with phone camera, point and shoot camera or DSLR. Meanwhile I am preparing a composite blog detailing intricate food habit of the waterborne civilization.


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