Liebster Award!

Thank you Shweta Suresh for considering my nomination! Admiration from a beginner who has gone through about 200 blogs in the last three weeks (10 blogs a day) and found yours very interesting! Please do go through My random ramblings – Shweta Suresh’s blog when free, it is worth a visit! ……

The rules:

  1. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers
  3. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  4. Let them know that you have nominated them

Here’s the award! Thanks again, Shweta 🙂 This is a wonderful way to discover new blogs and to network in the blogosphere! It’s fun to know more about the person writing the posts!


Shweta’s questions and my response:

  1. How long have you been blogging? I’m a 23 DAY old blogger! 
  2. What’s the story behind your blog’s name? Wool-gathering means to indulge in random aimless thoughts. And I pen down these dreamy imaginations. 
  3. What is your favourite genre and is it the same one you write? Fiction and satire. Nah! But some day I will!
  4. How has blogging changed your life? Yes, it has a mage a huge difference. Read to know what a huge impact it has on me!
  5. Describe yourself in five words. creative. intelligent. confident. sincere. brave.
  6. Where did you grow up? Namma Ooru, Bengaluru, India’s very own Silicon Valley 
  7. What is your most treasured possession? A Tanjore painting which took me 8 months to make! I have definitely locked my heart and soul in this piece of art. Here’s a pic!

    butter krishna - close up
    Tanjore Butter Krishna : in gold foil
  8. What is the most-watched movie/TV series in your collection? Undoubtedly, Harry Potter! Do read to gauge for yourself what a crazy Potterhead I am! 
  9. Do you love to read? If the answer to that is yes, Books or Kindle? Yes! Yes! Yes! A book any day. The smell of the pages of a new book maes my heart go dhak dhak!
  10. Cats or Dogs? Or both? Or none? Dogs. and Puppies. Woof woof!
  11. If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be? Enid Blyton. I have spent hours finding gems in the treasure trove of books she has created! She has sparked creativity and imagination in my tiny little head with a magic wand!

My Nominees!

This isn’t as easy I thought it to be! I am trying to nominate other beginner’s. However, if you have already been nominated earlier, I am hoping that the questions I have in mind will be different and compel you to answer them!

The nominees have been selected in a random order! If you are keen on participating, drop a note in the comment box and I shall add you too!

  1. Orangewayfarer
  2. Uniquesus
  3. Sangbad
  4. Haley J.S.
  5. Tanya Chauhan
  6. Sparkles in my wardrobe
  7. Varnika Jain
  8. Ananya Mathew
  9. Sabrina
  10. Nayan
  11. Marianne

My questions to the nominees!

  1. Who inspired you to start blogging? (You can share the link here).
  2. What is so unique about you?
  3. What is your blogging goal for the year?
  4. What motivates you to be a great blogger?
  5. What is that one addiction which keeps you going?
  6. Which gadget is your lifeline and why?
  7. What is your favorite brand?
  8. What is that one thing you carry in your bag which most other people don’t?
  9. What is the name of the novel you are reading now?
  10. Which author would you recommend to others to read?
  11. If Alladin/Jasmine’s magic carpet came flying to you – and you could choose to travel to one dream destination, where would that be and why?

It was lovely meeting you virtually, reader! Let’s stay in touch and connect using social media! Happy blogging 🙂





4 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. I’m glad that we were able to connect. Loved the story behind your blog. I love fiction too. That’s a very beautiful painting. I feel like books are the best friends you could ever ask for. 😁 I would choose puppies and dogs too. Hi5! Happy blogging. I really enjoyed reading your answers 😊

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Sure! I respect your opinion about having an award free blog! But I was really curious to know more about most of the bloggers I keep reading about and hence your name! 🙂


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