Photo Walk. Beautiful scenic places in India!

Hi there!

This post contains beautiful pictures from my road-trips in India! The prompt was a contest to post photographs of some of the most memorable road-trips in the country!


I started a massive photo-hunt and unearthed some beautiful pictures which were stored in some remote corner of the memory card in my mom’s phone. Well, this virtual world is not that different. I remember dusting the brown layers on the album cover with a soft orange cloth as a child. And it always opened the curtains of the mind’s eye and deported me to the scene. I could hear the waves  crashing at the sea-shore, smell the fragrance of those beautiful flowers on the road. Seeing the photographs on digital media makes no difference. The sound of the folder clicking open unwinds the curtain in the same manner.

Here are the pictures – hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did reliving those memories!

Trip to Munnar

Trip to Kanyakumari

I have had a few people asking me if these photo’s were edited. The answer is NO! I have clicked the above pictures using a One Plus phone. No filters have been used. Here is a link to check out the latest One Plus product. If you are planning to invest on a good phone do check this out! If you click on the link and make a purchase it will help me as I will receive a small commission.

Please click on the love sign if you like it, and my heart will brighten up as a token of gratitude! Do connect on Twitter to see more!

Keep reading to know more about these places and how to get there!



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