The joy of writing

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a world of change ! While everyone is trying to cope with the new normal, most people are pursuing their hobbies or doing things differently to stay safe and sane! Almost a 100 days of confinement and counting, anxious minds are yearning for the small joys of life. The thought of a simple day at work and meeting your colleagues can bring a smile on your lips.

There are many new master chefs and cooking at home is the new trend! Reading on digital platforms is also on the rise. A lot of friends are painting to express themselves. Families and friends connect socially and also play games to bond over activities! I have tried all of the above options in the last hundred days. While the COVID-19 cases are on the rise and an invisible noose of fear grips our minds, writing for me has been meditative.

Sitting in India, sipping at a cup of black tea while watching the rain, my mind longs to ink my thoughts. While I have been very inconsistent in penning down my thoughts, deep in my heart I knew that my blog is love and I was waiting for the writer’s block to melt down. I have been experimenting with different forms of writing such as story telling, all stacked away in google documents somewhere in the cloud.

What is keeping you ticking during these unprecedented times? My chai-partner is my dad! Playing board games with him every evening is something i really look forward to! Do share your favorite past time from this new routine!