What’s my blog about?

I am an independent woman. I think. I have my opinions. I express my feelings. I weigh down the pros and cons of my choices. I have values which form the roots of my existence. I try to help people and bring a smile on their face. I shop, play, sing and dance like the girl next door!

You can find more details at my website!

Click on www.rommanne.com to read more!

Well! Like I mentioned before, I am wool-gathering.

My travel posts!

Here is where I think a newcomer should go Silk Sari Shopping in Bangalore!

This is what I felt after watching the movie Lipstick under my Burkha!

A letter to my 9 year old nephew on his birthday!

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8 thoughts on “What’s my blog about?

  1. And the way you put life into words is impeccable!! What is even more engaging are the unconventional genres you choos. Eagerly looking forward to your next blog..

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  2. hey thanx for coming in my blog so thats why i am here And when i saw this i was completely amazed ur a developed blogger now i like it will u help me to increase mine too and ur posts are quite unuseful for me but i like it😂😜😜
    and plz again check out my new blog fpr techies


    1. Thanks Nayan! Well I am actually a techie too and that’s how I landed up in your blog 🙂 I have been blogging for three weeks now – so I will take that as a compliment! Thanks! I did like your reviews on smart phones – let me know if your comfortable with me sharing it! I will! And yeah – you could perhaps use my blog for some light reading! 🙂


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